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This is a very powerful and proven log splitter with maximum safety and usability. Great care has been taken in selecting materials and components and this gives the model the performance needed to split all types of wood up to 700mm. The model’s design is even stronger than the Elh500. The cylinder and pressure plate are moving along robust guides. The model is also equipped with an stepless adjustable stroke of the cylinder. This makes it possible to split shorter pieces more efficient , because the cylinder don’t need to go back to the starting position.

The machine is built on a 2000 mm long, RHS-beam, which also serves as an oil tank.The electric motor and hydraulic pump is located low on a frame, fitted with wheels. Log splitter is operated by two powerful levers with ergonomic placement. As soon as one of the lever is released, the cylinder will stop. If both levers are released, the hydraulic cylinder will go back to the starting position. Pressure force is 7 tonnes at 210 bar. The pressure plate is made of strong checker plate. The log of wood lies steady on the working surface and the machine's low center of gravity makes sure that the splitter stands very fixed on the ground. The knife is made of steel SS2132 and can also be equipped with a reversible four-blade knife that raises capacity of the log splitter.

The machine comes complete and ready to run. Including phase inverter, wheels and collecting plate after knife.

Logsplitter 700

Logsplitter 700

Collecting plate
Collecting plate is standard on all electro-hydraulic splitters. Four-blade knife increases efficiency and can be set in two height positions, by reversing the knife upside down.
Technical Date:
Max loglength 700 mm
Cycletime forward 5 sek
Cycletime return 2 sek
Knife height 290 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Length/width 2000/700 mm
Height 700 mm
Weight 135 kg
Logsplitter Phaseshifter Phase inverter
Motor safety switch with phase inverter and zero voltage trigger (400v-16a) is standard on logsplitter 700
Logsplitter 700 Handling
Logsplitter 700 is contolled with both hands.
Logsplitter 700 Pressureplate
The pressure plate are running in guides and the stroke can be stepless adjusted.

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