Electro logcutter is an efficient, safe and easy to use machine aimed for firewood. The saw has a stable and strong structure and can handle all the demands of modern firewood machine.


The saw blade is mounted on a 35mm axle, which is stored in two bearing houses. Power transmission from the electric motor to the axle is made through two wedgeropes and wedge ropes discs.The electric motor has a low placement to get a low center of gravity and a stable construction.
The safety and ease of use come first and therefore the saw is both CE-marked and Euro Tested ®.


Logcuttersaw stopdevice

Stop device
The cutter saw is equipped with a stopping device, which uses a brake pad to stop the saw blade and at the same time switch the electrical power off.

Technical Data:
Lengt, logtable 1800 mm
Indicator length 200-750 mm
Saw blade 700 mm
Enginge power 4 kW
Length/width 2000/750 mm
Height 750 mm
Weight 115 kg
Logcutter saw indicator

Length indicator
Firewood will be cut easily in defined lengths through a stepless adjustable length indicator.



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