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Brochure 2014


Faxes is a well known producer of quality machines for your woodhandling. Logsplitters, Logconveyors and Logcutters are the core of the companys product portfolio.

Robust construction’s with high reliability and durability characterizes the company's products. All products are manufactured and developed here in Burseryd in the province of Småland.

Security and usability have always come first when we develop our firewood machines. The stability and solid knowledge of the company makes that you can always feel confident as our customer.

Logsplitter 500 mm 7ton 3kW

Logsplitter 700mm 4kW 7 Ton


Conveyor for log 5,0 m width 100 mm

Conveyor for log 5,0 m width 200mm

Logsplitter 500

Logsplitter 700


Logconveyor 100

Logconveyor 200

Faxes Fabriks AB - Tel: +46(0)371 500 08 - Fax: +46(0)371 500 48
Hestravägen 7 S-333 77 Burseryd - Epost: info@faxes.se
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